Business Consulting


Due diligence and brokering the right price, several payout options available.  Are the cultures a good fit?  Succession planning and strong management in place?  Continuing education provided?  Is the physical location a consideration. Strong relationships, budgets, liabilities, prospect  and contact database designs are just a small part of what I can do for you.

There are a number of items to consider when looking at selling, merging, partnering or purchasing a recordkeeping or TPA firm.
This is an hourly based service and not contingent on the final consideration between any parties.  A flat fee can also be negotiated but will not be based on the final sales price.  This permits me to be more objective.  I work with you every step of the way to provide a mutual and profitable outcome for everyone involved.

A typical time frame is less than a year.  However, the more documents that are easily accessible and one or two single points of contact can provide a closing date in less time.

phone: 404-277-7678
mail:  PO Box 25974, Christiansted, USVI 00824